New paths [week 21]

I have tried something new and different for me, the maternity photography. I have to say I really enjoyed this day and I could see myself doing a bit more of the pregnancy photographs, definitely. Evi was my beautiful model, who’s baby Finn has been born since:).

Project 52 – Week #1

I decided to start the project called week 52. Very known and challenging in a way that keeps you blogging at least once for a week. The idea is to post one photograph weekly which will represent me in a way. Maybe my feelings, what happened to me or around me or where I travelled that time. Let’s see! Here is the first one.

This photo was made in Budapest at Sechenyi Spa, during this week, a few days before we stepped into the year 2015.

The architecture is amazing! About the spa; Hot, steaming pools at night, it was a bit snowing and people were drinking mulled wine in the water. Worth it!

szechenyi furdo2

The Journey

Here I am. I choose ten photographs to show you what I saw on this sunny / cloudy day.    I never took a course before on photography and taking pictures as an assignment turned out to be harder than I thought. Well, see how it came out and feel free to leave a comment about them. (:

Below, I am writing a little bit about two blogs I have recently found, as a part of a research on blogs and would like to share it with you.

Cloud shine

The starting point and the clouds reflecting on the letters.


I just loved the huge doors and the composition of the two “burberry men” in the typical coats standing front of it. It was captioned from the other side of the street as I shoot with a 50mm lens, I had to stand far to get the picture, I had to have more patience as usual because it was a busy day and pedestrians buses and taxies all the time, weren’t rare. I had my shutter speed at 1/160, with a f13 aperture.


I like the similarity between the shape of the legs and shadows.This picture I took with a shallow aperture because there is not much background and the light can have a strong appearance on the photo.


Selfies everywhere. I have never seen such a way to do selfies before. In fact I did not know they have invented anything like this “selfie stick”. Not that I have searched for it, but you know. I can imagine this product sells. This was a quickly taken picture to make sure I don’t disturb, I often like to take photos of people / couples taking selfies, or other things. I don’t know why. Shutter speed setting was 1/640 at f4.5.


Game over

I used f4.5 and just caught the moment, luckily.


Sunset Reflection

I used f10 for my depth of field, as I slightly wanted the Big Ben in my background and more focused on the glass with a sharp reflection. This picture was taken at sunset and I converted it to black and white, changed the blacks and the contrast to give the photo a faded look. The story behind this picture is, a lovely elder couple were standing having a chat and a glass of wine when I walked passed their drink sitting there, just like this. It was an unmissable shot, I excused and asked if they mind me taking the photo. After all we have had a nice talk and even showed them my photos of the magical glass. The husband said, “I’ll buy that one off of you”. Well, didn’t happen yet but was a nice compliment. (: This is a sight I can never get bored of!.


The photo was taken with f2 aperture, as I only focused on the reflection and again I choose a faded look around the focus point. Slightly changed the clarity as well.



Choose f20, to have the background as a sharp shilouette as well as the birds. This was a bigger image which I cropped to have this area of the picture. To capture the motion I had my shutter speed on 1/1600.


I like the peace the photograph shows while the movement is there, in the difference between the directions the birds are looking towards.

Here is a blog I would like to share,

Royce Bair’s blog is about night photography and it’s wide areas.

His blog’s main purpose is to help people gain knowledge on this part of photography and gives equipment reviews and tips

The goal of his blog also lies in advertising, workshops events and books. He advertises and mentions many more photographers and their work.

The audience is anyone who is interested in night shooting, learning new techniques and getting informed of equipment.

I think the key elements of his blog are not only adverting and writing about his work but also shows many others artists.

The quality of his and other artists photographs make the page successful. He writes useful information.

His goal with the blog is not only making new clients but also helping others to learn.

A different and so worth at looking into is, the 500photographers blog,  by Pieter Wisse.

This blog was created under a project, I think it can be called as. The writer posted 5 photographers a week for a 100 weeks,  that has quality work, worth showing and seeing. It’s always great to see different artist’s work and this page is gold for that.

What made it successful is the quality of works and the insistence the writer showed. The page won an award from the LIFE magazine in 2011, the best blog of the year award. Not bad huh? I am sure many many of us are familiar with this page.

The writer’s goal was to reach 5oo, in the number of photographers. Then he said will stop his blog but it still can be viewed as an online archive.

His audience is mainly photographers, but I am sure it has got so successful that clients might have reached to the artists as well through this blog.

Key elements, blogging 5 days a week, like a full time job. Ability to see the quality of works.



London. 2014.