Review on: Lorenzo Vitturi – Dalston Anatomy

The 5th Floor

Lorenzo Vitturi’s Dalston Anatomy, exhibition was shown in The Photographer’s Gallery from the 1st of August until the 18th of October in 2014. The artist wanted to show a vibrant still life capture of images. He did not only show the images to the viewer but made the exhibition in a weirdly surrounding way. There is a huge contrast in between the two exhibitions I am writing about (Primerose), showing at the time in the gallery. Not only in the theme but the way they are presented. He recreated this show from elements that were collected/found from a market, some of these are the backgrounds of his images, by this creating a similar environment for the photographed subjects which can be also found at markets.FullSizeRender

The used space is very different to the usual concepts / settings. As I entered the room, I had to stand and peek around for a while before starting to view the images/sculptures, it was just something you had to take in. I have to say I was more interested in the hole concept of the showroom then in his images, which were amazing as well. I love the colours!  I would just look at the space from different heights and different areas of the room in order to see something; trying to understand his creation of this extreme space.

I find similarity in his photographs and his sculpture in the middle of the room. The photo with different fruits piled up on each other is similar to the sculpture where everything is piled up again, different pieces of things he found on the streets and wanted to give them a new meaning. I can’t relate at all to the sculpture with everything placed on top of everything, I more likely adore simplicity in art and if it is the opposite of minimal, it has to have a very good reason and meaning for me to like it but Vitturi made his point, giving a new meaning to subjects that can’t be used anymore.


He put the pictures on random places of the wall, it is a small but perfectly formed exhibition he has used all of his space. A huge carpet is on the floor in the middle of the room, it’s like playing with the audience as well as taking them out of their comfort zones. That is what I completely felt like. Playing and taking me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to understand it, but there was no more behind it. I think the goal to achieve was to get the viewer’s attention this way as it did to me. Overall either way you look at it, you will have the same feeling around it. Something is not right.

“Can I / Am I allowed to step on the carpet or not?” “Can I go under this display or not?” “Why is that picture so high up on the ceiling? Or Why is that so low?” “There is a shed in the corner?”

Pictures on the walls are connected with the ground instead of hanging off the walls, it gives me a feeling as “messing the system” and he completely wanted nothing to be where it would have belonged to, as usual.

It is a very colourful, intensive exhibition to take in and feels like nature with the photos of fruits everywhere. Part of a shed is standing in the corner that shows again a completely different environment. He represents the dying fruits in such an elegant way. The one picture I really liked from the fruit selection is the photograph of the bananas.

deadbananasBehind the pictures, the main idea of his, stands, which is; he kept these fruits for many weeks in order to be able to photograph it in the stage of “being dead”. He wanted to show, something that is similar for me to “Life after death”, obviously these fruits…well, no one would want to eat them anymore. For this, they are dead, but him photographing it, gave a new life, meaning they didn’t end up in the bin instead now they were shown to many people.

Happy bananas in heaven!

Overall, I had feelings, questions and thoughts about this exhibition that didn’t leave me alone while I was there until I decided: I do like it, but I don’t, his idea is agreeable and on point but they way he presented it is annoying although loveable.

Thank you for this show and for reading!