Week 18


Minimal still life.

I was amazed to see the lines on the pomegranates as almost if they were drawn.

Veronika Pap © 2015

Week 17 | Portraitures Live! |

Agnes became a friend of mine, throughout this year of knowing her. She is only 19 and has a great vibe! That kind that even I (although there is only a few years between us) forgot, it existed once, young, full of crazy thoughts about the world and all sorts but most importantly she is quite a big inspiration, not only for me but I think to a lot of us around her. It happened that I saw her one day and said to her, I would love to do some portraitures of you. I wanted to keep it simple and natural. I used natural light as well and this is the outcome. Click on the images to see them fully.

Veronika Pap © 2015