Project 52 – Week #1

I decided to start the project called week 52. Very known and challenging in a way that keeps you blogging at least once for a week. The idea is to post one photograph weekly which will represent me in a way. Maybe my feelings, what happened to me or around me or where I travelled that time. Let’s see! Here is the first one.

This photo was made in Budapest at Sechenyi Spa, during this week, a few days before we stepped into the year 2015.

The architecture is amazing! About the spa; Hot, steaming pools at night, it was a bit snowing and people were drinking mulled wine in the water. Worth it!

szechenyi furdo2

I n t o P a r i s

Bonjour! – I shall say this time 😉

I am travelling to Paris and I have never been before. Excited? The word doesn’t express or mirrors the feeling exactly, but anyone who travels to somewhere else other than where they live(although London for me is still so exciting but when you live somewhere you take your time with using it’s space to travel around, you know what I mean)  kind of gets the same feelings, just differently. Well, for me this time it’s not only travelling which I already hugely adore but it’s Photo Month everywhere! Oh, Paris? Definitely the place to be for the Paris Photo, (<-click!) event. I have never been to a photography exhibition/show/festival that happens to be this big and widely visited. There is gonna be so much happening that again, the time is not going to let me have all of eden’s fruits. This means I have to choose carefully. Three days split with city seeing, mostly at night..gotta love the night views, and during the day, all about the galleries and exhibitions (: Of course a great coffee shop will be planned to visit, btw if anyone knows where is the best coffee made in Paris, Please-Let-Me-Know, because my research yet didn’t happen on this part of my travel although it is highly important to have that taste of the lovely Paris’s coffee and it, might be hiding in those little side streets I am looking forward to see. (=

Because of my limited time, I had to make sure, I choose what I would like to see and make a plan. This is only a very thin slice of what is there to see, these exhibitions are what I am planning to see.

This is what I will share with you tonight, if you are around Paris, have a sip of the photo air that will be going around because there are huge things happening this month, day/night and time of the year there. Do you live in Paris?  Do you have recommendations? Share Share Share please! Will be appreciated with photographs, of Paris, the events, and “what I felt like Photographs”.

I will be visiting these places / exhibitions: – Garry Winogrand!

This one seems interesting, if time lets me to check it will definitely do so: – William Eggleston show at the moment 🙂


This is what I am up to in the next few days, if you have exhibitions to share do so, oh yea and good coffee place tips are always welcomed 🙂


Have a great one!