week 8

Polke thought

Veronika Pap 2015 ©


Week #2


Here it is, my second photograph of the week 52 project.

This one is special to me because, I started shooting with film and now I am learning to process, enlarge and print my own photos as well. Ta-da-da-daam. I wanted it slightly dark and might be little out of focus but you know… this is the very first one, a beginning of a beautiful friendship. :))


Project 52 – Week #1

I decided to start the project called week 52. Very known and challenging in a way that keeps you blogging at least once for a week. The idea is to post one photograph weekly which will represent me in a way. Maybe my feelings, what happened to me or around me or where I travelled that time. Let’s see! Here is the first one.

This photo was made in Budapest at Sechenyi Spa, during this week, a few days before we stepped into the year 2015.

The architecture is amazing! About the spa; Hot, steaming pools at night, it was a bit snowing and people were drinking mulled wine in the water. Worth it!

szechenyi furdo2