Artisan Coffee

I am delighted to have a few of my photos shown in Artisan cafe, if you are around Chiswick in London, come by and have a look at them on the wall. ( :
[372 King Street, Stamford Brook, London, W6 0RX]

If you would like to enquire about the images, you can email me to;




New paths [week 21]

I have tried something new and different for me, the maternity photography. I have to say I really enjoyed this day and I could see myself doing a bit more of the pregnancy photographs, definitely. Evi was my beautiful model, who’s baby Finn has been born since:).

Week 19


I have been influenced by Guy Bourdin and his extremely surrealist yet minimal style. Although I don’t intend to be influenced and purposely create images, that relates to Guy Bourdin’s style but after seeing his show at the Somerset House in March and understanding his life and way of seeing and creating, I sometimes looking back, can relate my images to his silent influence on me.

Veronika Pap © 2015

Week 17 | Portraitures Live! |

Agnes became a friend of mine, throughout this year of knowing her. She is only 19 and has a great vibe! That kind that even I (although there is only a few years between us) forgot, it existed once, young, full of crazy thoughts about the world and all sorts but most importantly she is quite a big inspiration, not only for me but I think to a lot of us around her. It happened that I saw her one day and said to her, I would love to do some portraitures of you. I wanted to keep it simple and natural. I used natural light as well and this is the outcome. Click on the images to see them fully.

Veronika Pap © 2015

week #4


Veronika Pap © 2015

This tumble dryer is part of a typologies project I was doing. Quite strange photographing these in the laundrettes while people waiting there can’t imagine why I am photographing their dirty laundry being cleaned.

Week #2


Here it is, my second photograph of the week 52 project.

This one is special to me because, I started shooting with film and now I am learning to process, enlarge and print my own photos as well. Ta-da-da-daam. I wanted it slightly dark and might be little out of focus but you know… this is the very first one, a beginning of a beautiful friendship. :))


Project 52 – Week #1

I decided to start the project called week 52. Very known and challenging in a way that keeps you blogging at least once for a week. The idea is to post one photograph weekly which will represent me in a way. Maybe my feelings, what happened to me or around me or where I travelled that time. Let’s see! Here is the first one.

This photo was made in Budapest at Sechenyi Spa, during this week, a few days before we stepped into the year 2015.

The architecture is amazing! About the spa; Hot, steaming pools at night, it was a bit snowing and people were drinking mulled wine in the water. Worth it!

szechenyi furdo2